Out of bed and on the highway then a picturesque, relaxing drive through the dense, green Currumbin Valley, where we enjoyed a good early morning swim at the Currumbin rock pools on the Gold Coast.   The Currumbin rock pools are a very popular place and family favourite during summer, but with the Gold Coast’s temperate climate, the rock pools make an exciting and pleasurable day out every day of the year. The bonus for us was we were the only ones there. 

At the west end of the Rock Pools, the pools themselves are surrounded by big, level boulders to create an ideal deck to catch some of the sun’s rays! A huge range of flat, gently sloping rocks provides an ideal playground for kids to adventure around.

Everyone will simply enjoy the spa-like mini water rapids, where creek water bubbles happily over smooth rock faces. With its crystal-clear mountain spring water, the deeper parts of the eastern end make for a great swimming lagoon and an ideal spot for a swim in Gold Coast’s warmer months of the year. There are also a few popular launching points that locals used to jump off the tops of the rocks into the deep clear waters below.

The Currumbin rock pools are also a great place for a relaxing picnic lunch, boasting several sheltered picnic tables, which have been placed strategically to take advantage of the tall shady gum trees and towering pines. The large, grassy areas next to the Currumbin rock pools make for a perfect space for a family game of cricket or a place for the kids to simply around run around.
We then jumped back in the ute and headed back to Currumbin Spit. It’s a dog’s life at Palm Beach Spit. (Known also as Currumbin Spit)

Shari (our pup) loves this place, plus it’s a dog owner’s paradise for exercising your dog, just follow the councils signage and you and your pooch have a great time. Much of the area is geared for them. Walk them, let them run or perhaps have a dip in the lagoon in the designated area. It’s a great Gold Coast walk for you and a Gold Coast exercise area for your dog.

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We started our blog “tony&”, in 2015 after our great 5 week adventure in Europe. We’ve had so many adventures, we decided to start a blog to capture and show our family and close friends in Australia and many Overseas on what we get up to. On our sometimes long work days we realized most of the travel blogs we were reading were people who had quit their jobs, sold all of their belongings and travel full-time. While this way of life is admirable, it’s not reality for a lot of people so we created this space on the internet as a way to show others you can have the best of both worlds. We are happily married for 10+ years and both of us have great challenging and rewarding jobs and a house almost paid off. Plus in 2016 we added our Kelpie pup Shari to our Adventures. Travelling is an expense that brings us happiness, joy and helps create lasting memories. Travelling with that special someone in your life makes those adventures all the more memorable. Our Adventures are all about taking each experience, regardless if you know the outcome or not and facing it head on. Its about seeing the world from a different perspective, even if you’ve seen it a million times before. It is choosing to see the beauty from the ordinary and finding ways on how to do it differently. We get out every opportunity to explore our Town of Brisbane, State of Queensland and Country of Australia; Markets, Festivals, Concerts, Stage Shows, Beaches, Hinterland, Rainforests, History and Shopping. We also love getting 2+ hours out of the City of Brisbane to Camp, explore and enjoy the quietness. We enjoy putting technology away and enjoy the company of each other. We have already explored many parts of Australia from Cape York in Queensland to The Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Tasmania, Perth-Fremantle, Sydney, Melbourne, NT, many places in Queensland and Queensland Outback. We have enjoyed overseas destinations in London, Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, France, Spain, Dubai and Singapore. We also take time out to give back to the community in volunteering. We were privileged to be chosen as Games Shapers for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. We also help out many Breast Cancer charity walks and rides. Giving up our time is rewarding and uplifting experience some people will never experience. With many day and weekend trips away we always set aside a major trip each year. We are looking forward to our 12 Day New Zealand Cruise at the start of 2019.


  1. I wish I had known about this place when we were at the Gold Coast earlier this year! This awesome. Your dog is absolutely adorable too. Looks like she loves the water (I am assuming from the name she is a girl dog!)


  2. We have never been to Australia but Natural swimming pool sounds like a place my kids as well as my Yorkie would enjoy. I like places which are pet friendly. Shari sure looks happy 🙂


  3. Ya, Croc's. No chance of croc's on the Gold Coast. Most crocodiles live in waterways north of Australia. Top end of Queensland and Northern Territory. Only thing you have to worry about is how cold the water is because it's natural rain water coming down from the Gold Coast Hinterlands. Fresh, clear water.


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