The road trip from Sydney to Coffs Harbour is the first half of the road trip from Sydney back to Brisbane.  The route from Sydney to Coffs Harbour is 532 km, 330 mi, 5:48 hrs. Coffs Harbour is the half way point on the Pacific Highway road trip between Sydney and Brisbane.  Home of the family friendly Big Banana and the centre of many beaches and national parks. Coffs Harbour is a great place to take a break on your road trip.
Throughout Australia there are a number of big things. The Big Apple, The Big Chock (chicken), The Big Ned Kelly to name but a few. Well Coffs Harbour has the Biggest Banana, not surprising because of the bananas grown locally. Since we were in the area we decided to check it out, although it does help if you are crazy about bananas and have your own transport. As pedestrians you are met at the end of the footpath with a lovely view of the Big Banana across a very daunting dual carriageway.
The next day we came down from the lookout and went to the boat harbour and also the southern harbour side. It seems that the southern beach had the best breaks for surfers today. They were accompanied by a school of dolphin feeding on bait fish. After checking out some shops in the harbor we headed for at the famous Twin Tails winery at Nana Glen.
Orara Vale Vineyard is located approximately 25km northwest of Coffs Harbour at Nana Glen in the heart of Orara Valley. The Orara Valley is part of the incredibly beautiful Coffs Harbour hinterland. Two Tails Winery is located on the left hand side just before you enter the village of Nana Glen about 10km  past Coramba.
Our last day in Coffs was the best. We went to the local sea world type attraction called ‘Pet Porpoise Pool’. This place is the only place we have been to where you can interact with the animals without getting into the water with them. Before the water show, we were all allowed to have a kiss from Ella the seal and Zippy the dolphin! This was very cool.
You could even put your hand in the pool to stroke the dolphins and throw balls for them to catch and play with. All the creatures there had been rescued and some were getting ready to be set back into the wild (We don’t much like the idea of zoos and things) so we found this comforting to know. You could see how happy the animals are there.
The shows were excellent, the dolphins and seals doing countless tricks, all very impressive. They also have other animals too, kangaroos, peacocks, fairy penguins (which you could feed fish to) and a snake and reptile section with a show in which you could hold and feel them too. We had a fabulous afternoon there and popped down to the beach for a bit afterwards too…a good day. The next day we were up and early on the Highway to Yamba.


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We started our blog “tony&”, in 2015 after our great 5 week adventure in Europe. We’ve had so many adventures, we decided to start a blog to capture and show our family and close friends in Australia and many Overseas on what we get up to. On our sometimes long work days we realized most of the travel blogs we were reading were people who had quit their jobs, sold all of their belongings and travel full-time. While this way of life is admirable, it’s not reality for a lot of people so we created this space on the internet as a way to show others you can have the best of both worlds. We are happily married for 10+ years and both of us have great challenging and rewarding jobs and a house almost paid off. Plus in 2016 we added our Kelpie pup Shari to our Adventures. Travelling is an expense that brings us happiness, joy and helps create lasting memories. Travelling with that special someone in your life makes those adventures all the more memorable. Our Adventures are all about taking each experience, regardless if you know the outcome or not and facing it head on. Its about seeing the world from a different perspective, even if you’ve seen it a million times before. It is choosing to see the beauty from the ordinary and finding ways on how to do it differently. We get out every opportunity to explore our Town of Brisbane, State of Queensland and Country of Australia; Markets, Festivals, Concerts, Stage Shows, Beaches, Hinterland, Rainforests, History and Shopping. We also love getting 2+ hours out of the City of Brisbane to Camp, explore and enjoy the quietness. We enjoy putting technology away and enjoy the company of each other. We have already explored many parts of Australia from Cape York in Queensland to The Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Tasmania, Perth-Fremantle, Sydney, Melbourne, NT, many places in Queensland and Queensland Outback. We have enjoyed overseas destinations in London, Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, France, Spain, Dubai and Singapore. We also take time out to give back to the community in volunteering. We were privileged to be chosen as Games Shapers for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. We also help out many Breast Cancer charity walks and rides. Giving up our time is rewarding and uplifting experience some people will never experience. With many day and weekend trips away we always set aside a major trip each year. We are looking forward to our 12 Day New Zealand Cruise at the start of 2019.

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